Tuesday, April 17, 2012

French Country Design: Room Inspirations

Another country in our GLOBAL DESIGN SERIES. 
This month we are featuring FRANCE!

One of my all time favorite design styles is French Country. I know many fabrics and products in the marketplace show a lot of pattern and bright colors and yes, that is a big part of this design style but I want to inspire you with a few more options.  
Here are some great room ideas to get you the rethinking French Country style. 

This room shows many antiques which is one of the biggest elements of this style. 
I love how they use so many textures and the gilded pieces to dress up the room.

Yes, you can have darker colors for this French Country feel.
To update the look, add a modern piece like the desk above and don't forget to add a little animal print too!

The ultimate French Country bedroom features toile.
By using the same pattern on the window treatments, pillows and a throw you have created the perfect and balanced room.

The room above shows the most rustic of the style.
Keeping objects simple and not a lot of clutter is the key to this look.
Let the pieces speak to you and your guests. 

french country design living room
Formal rooms love being dressed in the French Country style. The kidney shaped sofas dressed in light yellow upholstery paired with the dark woods tones showcases the richness this style can offer.


We hope you were inspired by these beautiful rooms inspired by French Country Design.
Stayed tuned as we showcase more French Country items this month. Even some you can buy!

Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY DECORATING!

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