Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wall Arrangement Ideas

Artwork and family photos are what makes every house a home. It shows the personalities of those that live in the home. It creates a story about their lives. It showcases what their passions are and maybe places they have visited or dream of going one day. It truly is the most personal and sometimes daunting process in design.

Here are a few tips of creating the arrangement of you collections.
Remember, that not every person is not 6' tall. So the idea of hanging something at eye level...well, keep reading and I hope to explain more to help you figure out this task.

This is a collection of gold frames only. What a easy way to fill a wall space in formal areas. If you love to go to the flea markets or garage sales, this would be a project for you. Find interesting shapes and loads of detail. Then grab your spray paint. Here they painted all gold. But imagine some in all white, all black or if you are really brave choose bold colors such as orange, hot pink and purple and mix them up!

If you have a spot under the stairwell, use that as your guide. But remember, you do not need to always choose the "stair step" method. Here the home owner chose medallions backed by barn wood. A step fashion was used but by using larger pieces it makes a bold statement!

This is one of the most common areas people place family photos. This is where you can plan out a grid or pattern before hanging on the wall. when you have many frames to hang, it is best to use this method. lots of extra holes can be avoided and you will be so much happier with the outcome.

Notice in the example below, all the frames are black, all matting is white and all pictures are same color tone (black and white images). This really helps pull your collection together. So even if the frames are all different, by choosing the same color (silver, wood, or even red) it will look more cohesive. 

A fun way to jazz up your walls is to mix it up!
Here they add mirrors, letters, and fabrics that are framed.

The image below works because all the frames are gold, the artwork has reds and blacks, and the letters are each of those colors. Color is what pulls it together even in mismatched pieces.

Similar example below but using black and golds to unify.

Another new and more modern way to treat your walls is by using picture ledges. So many are available at IKEA, TARGET and even discount department stores. This idea will allow you to switch out your artwork without all the work. This is great if you like to add seasonal photos, children's artwork or just to change your style every so often. This idea can be used in any room.

With so many family photos, spaces can be challenging to display them all. Look for small walls in the hallway, back wall near bathrooms, or even in the laundry room or half baths. You can truly use any space in your home. The example below shows a collection of pregnancy pictures, new born images and family photos too. By using the idea of same color frames, you can pull your collection together. No matter the photo content or color.

Here are two ways to help you create the arrangement.

If you already have the pictures framed, lay them out on the floor. Create different arrangements to see what you like best. Remember to account for furniture height and width or even light switches and lamps if hanging over a table. Measure the spacing between each picture and the width and height of arrangement. This is a tedious process but it will save you frustration in the hanging process.

 You can also create templates made out of paper. Using painters tape, you will save your walls too. This will help you visualize it on the wall before getting the hammer out. Another great way and FABULOUS PRODUCT is buying a picture hanging template. This is one of the best inventions I have seen in a long time (at least in my line of work). Some come with frames that will make your entire process easier.

A few final tips, work in a grid mode. WHAT do I mean? Look back over the examples I have shown and imagine rectangles and squares around the groupings. It will help you line up your collection. Also, make some of your favorite color photos into black and whites. Again, by having all the same colored prints, you will create a more cohesive look. And don't forget to add something interesting to your arrangement. This is what designers do all the time to mix it up and keep it fresh! 


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