Monday, November 14, 2011

Using Nature to add to your Holiday Decor

Need a few holiday design ideas using nature? Why not look into your own backyard or maybe your neighbors (please ask first) for some simple twigs and branches. How about taking a walk into the woods or nearby park to get the whole family involved? Before you start cutting, try and search for broken limbs or some on the ground. It will save the trees as well as your back and hands.

Depending on the look you want or how you want to decorate your limbs will determine the size and shape that you collect. Do you want to hang heavy ornaments? Will you paint it? Is  it a statement arrangement or just to add a little something to your decor? How about adding glitter or lights? Or just let the beauty of nature be the star. There are so many options to use twigs and branches in your holiday decorating theme.

Here are some inspirations to bring nature inside for the holidays.

You might be lucky enough to find branches with moss but if not add a little reindeer moss (found at most craft stores) to your branches. Here they use colorful birds for the theme.
  Do you want a more elegnat look? Add a touch of sparkle using chandelier crystals. They are bold and elegant. And very simple to do.
 Are you more of a romantic when it comes to holiday decorating? Try using white spray paint on very delicate branches. Using a large bunch, create a n arrangement with a crystal vase, a few store bought colorful but natural floral stems and add a few crystals. Stunning!
 How about adding to the top of your tree? Add height and fullness at the top just by sticking the branches inside the tree. Make sure you use light weight for this application.
 Another elegant way to use branches is by keeping it simple. Glass balls are the only adornment here. Just make sure your branches are secure in the vase.
 Try bringing in very large and tall branches into your home for drama.
In this modern home, they used glass cylinder vessels and filled white beads. This same idea can be used in traditional settings as well. Just get creative on your containers. Again, make sure you weigh the base down as this one can tip over easily.
 A sweet idea for a table top tree.
Spray your branches white, add white ornaments and white lights and you are done!
 Another truly natural way to use twigs from your yard is in an arrangement. Choose a sturdy container, add fresh greens, berries and twigs for height. Voila, you have a beautiful statement piece.

A simple ornament to make is by using twigs all about the same size. With a little twine, you can create this in no time. Use your imagination on this one...paint it, add glitter or even fun little berries. this is one the kids can help you do as well.

I hope you will try a few of these natural twig ideas this year!
Let me know and please comment on my inspirations to which is your favorite!
Happy Decorating!

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