Friday, March 16, 2012

Neutral colors for your home this spring

Spring is such a wonderful time to change things up a bit. After cold winter months it seems everyone is ready to welcome new and fresh color into their lives and home.

I love looking at nature for inspiration. It truly is a work of art to see all the colors in flowers, trees and grass. But look at some other items you might not think about...such as the color of the sky, moss growing on a tree, mushrooms, and even tree bark. These are neutral colors you can use as the base of your room design and then add your pops of color to make it come to life.

Here are some neutral color inspirations to bring spring and nature into your home.

 I hope these neutral color schemes will help you get started in bringing nature inside. I know many of you are afraid of color so I hope this will help you stretch your design ideas!

Happy Decorating!

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