Friday, June 22, 2012

Decorative Screens

I love helping my design fans on my Facebook Page. You never know what their Design Dilemma might be...This week I had a question about how to hide a water heater and furnace in a fully functioning bathroom. 

So my answer to this question and to keep the budget cost down would be a decorative screen. This will allow easy access to maintain these very important pieces of the home. 

Below, I will show you several styles to choose to help solve this design problem. Use this same idea for many other areas in the home. Think exercise equipment, kids play area, or even a small work space. Decorative screens can hide so many unsightly areas. 

Nelson Room Screen
Modern yet natural screen.
 It does have an open concept but you can staple decorative rice paper
or other paper to hide items behind it.
Verona Room Divider
Modern and so chic!
Love the lines and mirror details.

Isabella Mirrored Room Screen
Antiqued glass...need I say more?
Urseline Folding Screen
Perfect for farm houses, vintage feel or English, French or Italian Country.

Guilded Wood Open-Work Screen
Glamour at it's best!
Van Dyke Screen
Modern and interesting. This would be great with lighting behind it!

All the above screens can be found on Interior Home Scapes
There are so many to choose from and one to fit your design style. 

Another great use for decorative screens is to fill up an empty corner. Great for those extra large rooms. Place an uplight behind it for added drama and a few plants in front to soften it. You will love the effects.

You can also hang many of these screens. What a huge statement piece for a hallway, above a sofa (think REALLY TALL CEILINGS) or use as a headboard. A one of a kind look for not a lot of money.

I hope I helped my Facebook design fan out in this troubling question. Many good options here and simple to do! Thanks for being a fan.


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