Monday, June 11, 2012

Global Design: Greek Isles

This month we are traveling to the Greek Isles.

 What better way to start off the summer with cool blues and whites! 
This design styles takes is cues from the beautiful surrounding waters. They inject stone, wood  and lots of plaster into their homes to bring the outdoors in.
Notice in the images below how each room shows off these design elements.  

Simple and clean lines make up this room but the real showstopper is the ceiling!

Adding fabric to the bed surround gives an outdoor feel in this bedroom.
But here again, a  "WOW" ceiling idea! Easy to recreate in your own home. 

It's all about simplicity in this dining room.
Even though they have rustic furniture, they bring in mirrors for sparkle and of course the crystal chandelier.  

beautiful house greek island interior
This is a more modern approach to Greek design.
But the biggest factor in this room is the arch. This is typical to many designs in the country. 

This family room holds several design elements of Greek design.
The stone fireplace, the smooth stucco built-in benches, and of course the beams on the ceiling

Another modern approach to Greek design. I love the steal bar stools and light pendants.

This bedroom beams with romance. The fabric draped ceiling, the all white palette,
and to top it all off, a FABULOUS VIEW!
I hope you enjoyed this journey to the Greek Isles. Do you have a FAVORITE DESIGN ELEMENT from this style? Please let us know in the comments below!



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