Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Miami Design: Room Inspirations

We are SO EXCITED to announce our feature this month for our GLOBAL DESIGN SERIES!
We're taking you to MIAMI FLORIDA!

That's right, we're showing of one of our great cities here in America for the month of July. It is one of the hottest month's so we thought we should showcase one of our HOTTEST CITIES!

Miami design shows off many elements. Modern, Art Deco, Spanish and Italian are some of the strongest you will see when you travel to this area. Another key element of their design is the tropical weather. Yes, it plays a huge part of how they design. You will notice a lot of whites in which will "cool down" your space. But you will also notice bright and intense colors. This represents the many flavors of culture and style. 

Sit back, grab a Mojito or Cuban coffee and enjoy our journey to MIAMI!
With so many influences you will be sure to find one to inspire you and bring into your own home. 

Bold, bright colors will be an easy way for you to bring the flavor of Miami to your home.
 Also, notice the clean lines of this room. 
J Design Group

Miami loves bold graphics. 
This is a great element to not only treat your walls but your ceiling too!

dkor interiors

This bathroom can be found in almost in area of the country but we like it for Miami style for several reasons. The blue color to mimic the water, glass tiles and mirrors to add the sparkle, and of course lots of white to keep it cool. Just like Miami!
Southern Accents photo

This is a true homage to Miami design.
 Clean lines, modern detail and a fabulous view of the water! 

Interior design modern Villa Valentina Amazing Modern Waterfront Residence in Miami

Here you see strong details in woodwork. The colors are simple along with the furnishings. This room lets the view outside be the just as grand as the decor. 

Florida Design

White Hot is this room. It bathes everything in it's space. 
Adding small touches of the coastal feel with driftwood mirror, tropical plants and a sisal rug.

Big, bold stripes and color make this room.
That sums up great Miami design.

Lords South Beach Hotel, Miami, Florida

Don't forget to stayed tuned, we'll be featuring many MIAMI design ideas all month long! 
We'll show you how to "Get the Look" and inspire you to try something new.

Please let us know in the comments below 
what is YOUR FAVORITE room, design element  or idea!


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