Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Design Dilemma: Garden Tub Ideas

It's Design Dilemma time and this week we are helping a Facebook Fan with her Garden Tub area and controlling the light. Every morning she has to deal with the glare on the mirror while getting dressed. Well, I have the same issue at my home but in the late afternoon. I can relate all too well! It really makes it hard to get just the right amount of makeup while light is beaming on your face. 

I am showing many options to help control the light for many of you with this same problem. You have several options but I think there are two main factors: budget and ease of the treatment. 

My first question to ask is how long are you staying in the house? Being a military spouse and moving every few years, temporary solutions are always important to me and many of you around the world (including renters). You may not want to put $800 into shutters if you are renting. So decide on budget before researching how you will treat this window. 

Second issue is how easy is it to get to your window? Garden tubs are large and bulky. This makes it difficult for operating a window covering. Think about when you clean it...not easy to reach those ledges right? 

Keeping these two main ideas in mind, now we can talk. You can choose wood shutters or plantation blinds for optimum light control. Sheer window panels will diffuse light while custom window treatments with fabric of your choice may not. Ready-made window panels can work and you can get creative on the way you hang them (this is where I discussed are you willing to move them to control light). Window film (in many shades and grades) can also diffuse light.

Here are a few window treatment ideas to inspire you. Let me know in the comments your favorite!

Good Housekeeping Photo

white wood blinds had to be closed all the time giving  this room a depressing feeling
Before and After
beautiful leaded glass replacement windows were added sourround the tub and it also gives much needed privacy as well

Dean Oros Photo

Lots of options for you to dress your windows above the garden tub in your master bath. 
Tell me your favorite design below in he comments. We love hearing from our followers!

Hope this helps our Facebook Fan and many others in this DESIGN DILEMMA! 



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