Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Get your kids spaces ORAGANIZED!

If you are like me, kids clutter is a never ending task to tackle. I have three children and all under the age of 12 and it seems to be a constant cycle to keep it organized. As they grow and their interests change, so do the toys and their STUFF!

Before you get started with all of the bins, baskets and great organizational tools you need to PURGE!
Make sure you get your kids involved too. This will not only help you but it will hopefully make the job go faster. You might have some crying and fussing at first but have a talk with them prior to starting the job. This process also teaches children a fundamental skill on getting rid of items and donating to others.

Now that you have eliminated the unnecessary items, you can get started!
Here are some fun and colorful way to get you organized.

I love these colorful plastic bins. Great for easy cleaning and the wooden lids help with stacking.

This small bookcase adds whimsy to any kids space. I think it is a great way to spice up their reading nook!

For a modern and colorful kids storage try this idea.
Fill a wall with cubbies and bins and your child will have a space that provides a home for all their toys.

Do you need help in creating a wall of storage? Check out this fun tool from IKEA. You can design your own storage space by choosing colors, styles and function all online BEFORE you purchase. How cool! 

STUVA Storage combination w doors/drawers, white, multicolor Width: 47 ¼ " Depth: 19 ¾ " Height: 50 ½ "  Width: 120 cm Depth: 50 cm Height: 128 cm

A few other of my favorites from IKEA...

KUSINER Box, blue/green, red Length: 10 1/4 " Width: 7 1/8 " Height: 7 1/8 " Package quantity: 3 pack  Length: 26 cm Width: 18 cm Height: 18 cm Package quantity: 3 pack

KUSINER Wall pockets, blue Width: 23 ½ " Height: 17 ¾ "  Width: 60 cm Height: 45 cm

BARNSLIG RINGDANS Box with lid, multicolor Length: 12 ½ " Width: 9 ½ " Height: 6 " Package quantity: 2 pack  Length: 32 cm Width: 24 cm Height: 15 cm Package quantity: 2 pack

KUSINER Underbed storage box, green Width: 22 7/8 " Depth: 22 7/8 " Height: 6 1/4 "  Width: 58 cm Depth: 58 cm Height: 16 cm

While you are getting the kids items and toys organized, stay focused on one type of toy at a time. This will minimize the large job at hand. It will also help keep the children on task.

Find what works best for the items you need, add some color and  go for it. It should be a fun space when you are finished so why not create that vibe while you are working.
Turn on some music, work together as a team and HAVE FUN!

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