Monday, February 6, 2012

Not your TYPICAL Valentine's Roses

As a designer, I am always wanting something different. I even worked in a floral shop in high school so believe me, when I say I dislike baby's breath in roses I MEAN IT! 
Thank goodness my hubby understood this right away. He knows I need a little extra drama in my flowers. He is still my VALENTINE after 17 years!

Here are a few ideas to maybe pass on to your VALENTINE for new ideas on your floral gifts. And even if you buy your own flowers for Valentine's Day this will give you a great starting point for "something more". You can also use these ideas to create your own bouquet. Many grocery stores, mass retailers and road side stands offer some fabulous selections. So go ahead...start designing your own. 

This design of red and pink roses is simple to make yourself. Cut stems at same length and let your vase help set the stage for the design. The next design is from floral designers that know how to give you more than the typical dozen roses. They used many colors of roses, designer ribbon and branches for this creation. 

Simple red, white and pink tulips is perfect for any DIY floral designer. And you can find these bundles most anywhere. The next design showcases roses, tulips and orchids. I also love how they used the long green stems to wrap around the stems to add an extra element of design. 
Make sure you change your water out everyday to preserve the life.


The purple creations above are all from I just love how they use the color in mass to make a statement. And if you have never had lavender roses...I highly recommend it. 
They have thee most amazing smell. 


Do you still desire something different? Try light pinks and yellows. This is a very romantic arrangement. Now if you want more jewel tones, then the second arrangement might be more to your liking. Daisies, carnations, tulips and roses all make  up this bright and bold piece. I like how they incorporate the wicker pieces.

For the ultimate wow of color, these two arrangements will give you just that! The first is from They offer this "A dozen Hugs, A dozen Kisses" style in several sizes to fit any budget. The second is a mixture of carnations, gerber daisies, and mini roses. The dark red ruby colored vase is what helps create that instant wow factor. 

I hope I have given you a few options to rethink your VALENTINE'S FLOWERS for this year. And don't worry if you need to drop a little hint to your honey...they might really appreciate the help. 

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