Monday, February 13, 2012

Red accessories to WOW your home!

Need to add a little WOW FACTOR to your home? Red will do just that. 
Almost any color you currently have might just work with red. Make sure you choose the right tone...
red-orange or a red-blue to truly coordinate with items you already own. 

Here are some FABULOUS accessories to give that pop of color you might just be lacking. 

How about a cool and modern clock to add flair to your work space or kitchen?

 Or add a fun RED PILLOW to jazz up your sofa or bed!

A FANTASTIC RED SCREEN will make a great addition to a room in the corner.
You can also use it to separate two areas in a large space. 

Need a new end table with storage? Try this look for your own home. 

Grouping like items will make a powerful statement in any room.
Plus using the color red...a winning combination!

Cute little mirrors like the one below can be added to any room. 
Think of using picture frames as well to jazz up your space.

Lanterns are so popular right now. They can be used indoors or out.
And if you are afraid of real candles, try out the new battery operated candle options. 
They come in many different shapes and colors!

A gorgeous red vase can stand alone as a beautiful art object
or group several together for added impact. Or use one single flower for a dramatic look!

If you want a real show stopper then check out the mirror below.
Imagine this in an entryway, over a dresser or how about in a half bath!
Great drama and flair in a single piece.

Need some big accessories for your home?
Disks on stands will give you the height you might just need. 
And in a rich red color, well, it's a winner in my book!

One last WOW Asian screen. You can mix this style with almost any other design style.
Think of mounting it on a wall behind a sofa, use it as a headboard in a bedroom,
or why not show it off in a hallway! This will add that "something extra" to the space that seems to not get decorated. 

Now is a great time to STOCK UP on red accessories in many stores such as Pier 1TargetMarshall's, and Kirklands.  They all have their red items out to push during the Valentine's Day sales. And better yet, hit the sales after the holiday. You will find your best deals then. And if you really LOVE the color RED, Christmas shopping season is a great time to find even more accessories for your home. 

Do you have a favorite accessory listed above? I'd love your input!!! Any that you would try and where would you use in your own home?

Thanks for your comments and HAPPY DECORATING!!!

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