Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tween Rooms for Boys

Do you have a boy that is a TWEEN? 
Designing a room for them can be a scary thing. 

I recently had a fan from my Facebook Fan Page that was in need of some design ideas for her son. She did not want the typical themed room ideas such as surfing, skateboarding or sports. So I surfed the web to find some inspiration to help her create a room that can grow with her son and be pleasing to her as well. Have your son give you his input on favorite colors and ideas. You never know...this could be a new bonding experience for you both! 

Stay simple. Try a bold stripe around the room. Add a huge monogram letter, this one is done in metal. Use a quilt with color blocking. Pull the rooms colors from the bedding.

This example uses red but you can choose your son's favorite. If it is too bright, try to compromise on a hue that you both can enjoy. Paint the walls, bookcases and use lots of accessories to fill up the space. 

Color is the main idea here. Try sources like IKEA to help you design the room. 

Play with stripes. Nothing is more classic than this idea for a boy's room.
Start with the bedding  to help in selecting the color scheme. 

tween boy bedroom decor
Add a bold graphic. Check out this tutorial from Design Mom on how to achieve this cool look.

Why not bring wood into the room.
You can use slats from wood pallets or even install wood flooring on the walls! 
Then just add a few pops of color and you have a room that can be used for years for your son.

I hope you all have been inspired to try something new out for your tween boy's room.
Please let me know your favorite design!

Happy Designing!

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