Monday, March 19, 2012

Grass Rugs

Nothing says SPRING more than fresh green grass. So I thought I would find a few rooms that could bring that inspiration into your home.

Some of the looks are more modern but others are still very traditional. It is not only the type of material in the rug but also how it is used to create the effect of "grass" in your room.

Check out these really cool ideas to bring spring grass into your space. 

This idea is used outdoors but you can use the concept inside as well. 
A great way to add softness to concrete, tile or even wood flooring!

This is truly a way to bring the outdoors in!
I love all the different tones of green used in this bedroom design.
Bringing a real tree in the room helps add to the overall effect plus the really cool "grass looking" rug. 

What an amazing work space below. This will get your creative juices flowing for sure!
You can achieve the rug look by visiting your local carpet store,
choosing a green carpet and have them bind it in a round form. 
And take note of the custom "rock stools".

You can use the same idea as above to "get the rug". But this inspiration is in a children's room. 
I can think of so many themed rooms  to use this rug idea.

How simple yet fabulous is this room?
Just by adding a green rug in this dining room with neutral colors gives you instant outdoor feel. 

Do you want to wake up your closet? 
Here is a wonderful solution....go green and feel like you have transported yourself every morning.
And yes, I know we'd all love to have the closet too!

Are you inspired now? I think this is a fun and whimsical way to freshen up your room.
For not a lot of money, you can create a natural look in your own home.


Let me know which room design in your favorite?

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  1. I love this idea! Anything that helps bring the outdoors inside, color me happy.