Tuesday, March 27, 2012

White Floral Arrangement Tutorial

Sometimes you need just a little "something" to finish off your decorating. 
Most of the time you need a little softening. Florals and plants can do just that! 
They will add color and texture to your design at the same time as adding life to your room.

Here is a simple tutorial to create your own designer look for pennies.

Choose your container first!
I chose this little white porcelain vase for this project. 
For this size vase and project, you will need three long stemmed flowers with larger blooms.
I chose my flower that looks like a Camellia. I cut off the flowers (saving the smaller ones for a future project) and the leaves to separate out what I needed for this arrangement. 

Next take a piece of oasis and trim it down slightly to fit into your container. Here I had to take off the corner edges to make it work for the round vase opening. Once you have the shape, you need to secure it. Break out the hot glue gun, add to the bottom of the oasis block and then place it in the bottom of the vase. 

Here is what it looks like. 

Now add your moss. No need to pin it down, your flowers will do that job.  

Begin adding your flowers. Work in a triangle pattern for this design. Using only three large blooms.

Simple triangle pattern shown here.

Here is a side view of only the flowers.

Now start adding the leaves. Not too many but enough to fill in the gaps.

Another view of adding the leaves. I love the dark green against the white flowers. 

Here is the finished project! 

I hope I was able to inspire you with this tutorial and get your floral skills started. I think the hardest part is choosing the container and flowers. There are so many to find out in the marketplace now. 

One quick DESIGNER TIP...make sure your flowers look real!

The fastest way to ruin your design is to use flowers that are plastic or not of true color (blue flowers, really?) 
Micheal's Crafts, Joann's Crafts, Hobby Lobby and Pier 1 all have very realistic looking flowers. I know the cost can add up for these higher end flowers but look online for coupons or shop when they are on sell. Plus, you're saving money on doing the floral design yourself! 

GOOD LUCK and I'd love to here your comments. 
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