Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scandinavian Design: Room Inspirations

This is the start of our GLOBAL DESIGN SERIES!

We are happy to announce that the Scandinavian countries are our first stop. Since it is now officially spring, we thought these inspirational rooms will get you in the mood to lighten up your spaces. The northern European countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway make up this great area but also included surrounding countries of Iceland and Finland. 

Because they have long winter days designers tend to use lighter woods and fabrics. They create spaces that are simple, clean lines and often refer to nature. Craftsmanship is a strong tradition that still holds true in these countries. They pride themselves on function in each piece and offering timeless designs. Even though majority uses light colors, many use pops of color to add life to a room. Just remember to keep it simple. 

Get your design passport ready...

Even in this tight space, function is the main key here. Go vertical with storage and keep some concealed. Using all whites keeps the space bright and fresh. But adding just a splash of pattern and color keeps it interesting. 

Using the sames wood tones is a great Scandinavian design element. It helps the eye move around the room more easily.  Pale color schemes help you feel more restful and can bring peace to your space.

Notice the wood details in the room. And great windows to add light. A few DIY projects from this room...whitewash furniture you already own. And layer on the textures in the room.

Clean lines are shown in all the furniture pieces. Lots of white with pops of red make this room really show off the style. Textures from baskets and natural fabrics such as linen and cotton can help you achieve this look.
This is a more modern approach but is keeping the Scandinavian style. Simple and clean lines with cool colors. To get this look you want to have interesting pieces in the room such as the dining room chairs and vase. WOW pieces! 

I hope you enjoyed this quick journey to our Scandinavian countries. Maybe you were inspired to try some of these simple and elegant looks in your own home. 

We will be posting some amazing products soon so you can recreate this look!

Happy Designing!

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