Thursday, May 10, 2012

Global Design: Mexico

Today we begin our journey to MEXICO! 
This is part of our Global Design series where I hope to inspire you from other countries and get you rethinking your own home. 

Mexico is a warm and tropical location so that plays a big part in their design.
Notice all of the bright colors. Their lively culture brings this feeling to so many of their design elements in wonderful patterns, color schemes and textures. This design style also offers a ton of details in woodwork. 
Occasionally, colors are muted to tone down. This is a great trick if you live in a warmer area.

Take a look at the room designs I am showcasing today
to inspire you to add a little Mexican flavor to your decor.

The bold color choices are amazing in this room.

Strong wall color is the dominant piece in this room
but notice how the creamy furniture and textiles soften it.
elle decor
No strong colors here. It's all about the details!

It's all about color, texture and the views in this room!

White walls show off the amazing furniture collection here with bright pops of color.  

This shows off the traditional design of Mexico.
Brick flooring, red walls and textiles.
What a great way to show it all in one space!

Another muted room...check out the beams and other details. Fabulous!
Rustic and amazing for this space. I love the large arched windows.
It feels like you are dining outside.


I hope you enjoyed this quick trip to Mexico.
Do you feel inspired to add a little bit of color to your own home? What about more texture? 
Stay tuned as I will feature more ways to bring this look into your own spaces.


Please comment below
and tell me your favorite design element in this posting.

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